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Summoned from the underground the members of death metal band Tiwanaku have gathered to create a line up to destroy stages in 2023 and beyond. Backing up their new album Earth Base One to be released November 4th 2022 by Unorthodox Emanations. The new death metal division of Avantgarde Music of Milan, Italy.

Formerly of Nocturnus, Vocalist/Guitarist Ed Mowery formed this new line up of awesome musicians. Starting with Ryan O'neill on the keyboards and orchestrations. Ryan is a master of his instrument as many of you will hear on Earth Base One and live. Sean "Hairy" Valentine on Guitars is a 7 string beast of a guitarist. The live guitar mixture of Sean and Ed will be quite a site and sound for everyone to behold. Sean has brought a lead guitar sound to Earth Base One that no one else could have. Hairy and Ian play in another band together called Plague Rider. Ian Spencer is the drummer for Plague Rider and bassist for Tiwanaku. The bass sounds Ian provides are phenomenal and since he is also a drummer him and our newest addition to the band, Gabriel Lewandowski, our new drummer, will be quite the bad ass rhythm section together on stage. Gabriel has played with many top notch musicians and toured and/or recorded with the likes of Resurrection, Hellwitch, and many more. Gabe is a professional drummer and fits in perfectly with the band.


The band will come together in the next few months to work on their second album before touring many places on the planet in 2023 to promote Earth Base One. The sky is not the limit for this band. Tiwanaku will spread its music across the galaxy and through the many other dimensions of the universe. Expect to see Tiwanaku live in 2023. Confirmation of live appearances and more to come...

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Ed Mowery

Guitarist & Vocalist

Ed Mowery is the ringleader behind Tiwanaku. Based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is an experienced musician whose toured Europe formerly with the band Nocturnus.

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Ryan O'Neill


Ryan is a self taught musician from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Over his 30 plus years of experience of playing and performing for numerous outlets for his craft. Whether performing live or in the studio Ryan has graced many stages throughout the United States. Ed Mowery and Ryan met up in the late 90's and started rehearsals and filling the line up for Tiwanaku. The Band fell through in Pittsburgh and so did our relationship as bandmates. 20 years later Ryan rejoined Tiwanaku and hasn't looked back. Ryan has been a solid member and full time keyboardist since. 

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Sean "Hairy" Valentine

Guitarist & Vocalist

A native to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “Hairy” has been a local in the metal scene for many years. Formerly in Beneath The Remains and Vermithrax. Hairy is also a guitarist in the band Plague Rider with Ian Spencer on drums. This musical duo have been shredding together for over a decade. If he’s not ripping on the guitar you may find him selling music gear or cooking up some tasty grub.

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Ian Spencer


Ian Spencer lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a multi-instrumentalist that plays drums in Plague Rider with Sean "Hairy" Valentine as well. Hairy connected Ian to the Tiwanaku crew as one of the final puzzle pieces to make everything come together. As an avid concert and festival goer he is all about taking in life’s experiences. Besides his love for music he also has a background in Computer Science and Graphic Design. Utilizing his abilities to help create this site and some merch. You can check out his personal website with his other creations at

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